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Why Should I Verify My YouTube Channel?

YouTubeOver the past couple of years, people have been asking me a lot about YouTube.  They say to me I have created a channel and now what.  The very next question I have for them is: “Is your channel verified.  They usually say I don’t know.

So why is it important to have your channel verified. Here are a couple of reasons.  

1.  You can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.  I personally don’t recommend videos that long but if you need to then at least you can upload them to YouTube.

2.  You can use services like YouTube Live, hangout on air. I personally have not used these services because I haven’t had a need to yet. If this is something you would like to do then you can only do it if you are verified.

3.  You have the ability to appeal content ID disputes. Which is cool because you don’t want someone using your exact content in your videos.  

4.  You can customize your thumbnail.  This is the best part of being verified, creating your own thumbnail.  Nothing I hate more is the 3 options you get when uploading one of your videos.  So with a verified channel, you can put your own customized thumbnail in.

So how do you get verified?

1.  Go to your YouTube channel.

2.  Go to video manager

3.  Scroll down to channel settings

4.  Click Verify

5.  It will give you an option to call you or text you. (I personally prefer text.)

6.  Then youtube will send you a verification code to verify your youtube channel via text message.!

7.  Enter in the code and hit submit and then it will say: “Congratulations! Your YouTube account is now verified.”

So I hope this helps comment below if you have any questions or something you want to share.  I would love to hear how you are using YouTube.

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