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Are you using Instagram in your Business?

Many businesses are on Instagram. Sometimes the obvious things we should be doing are not so obvious. I want to share 7 tips that you should know about Instagram but we may overlook them or don’t think they are important.

1.  Separate your personal and your business account. Keep your business separate. If you are using your personal Instagram account for business, convert it to a business account; because on the business account, you have access to some tools and resources (such as Analytics) that will help you in your business.

2.  Instagram is huge at consuming your time. You can get all caught up with what to say about a nice photo. But I believe if you use your time on Instagram strategically it will work out fine for you. So set a goal for what you want to accomplish by using Instagram in your business and get it done.

3.  When creating a post, always link back to the bio on Instagram with an @username.  The bio page on your Instagram account is the only place where there is a clickable link. Also, make sure you are connected to the other social media platforms so when you post on Instagram you are posting to Twitter and Facebook.

4.  Make sure your profile is completely filled out with a bio that speaks to your audience, not with stuff about you.  Also, make sure you upload a very clear logo or photo of you.

5.  Make sure your pictures are not too blurry. Avoid posting low-quality pictures. Remember it really is about the look.

6.  Make sure your “Private Account” in the settings (the gear icon) is turned off so others can see your page.  The blue should not be showing at all.  You want new customers to be able to find you.

7.  Find a balance. Don’t go on posting like crazy, for the fun of it as you will overwhelm your followers. Keep your content always fresh and engaging and strategic.

There are so many other things to know so this month my videos and blogs will be on Instagram.  What is one thing you believe Instagram users should know when using Instagram for their business? Let me know your thoughts below!

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