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Tidbits on Commitment

Today I celebrate 35 years of marriage to my soul mate by taking a cruise. I have never looked back and I have never regretted anything about that day! As I ponder these 35 years I am amazed at the journey of growing together and also growing individually. I’m amazed at the strong bond of relationships! Suddenly I’m reminded of the commitment it takes to have a strong marriage and the commitment it takes to have a strong business. So here are some of my thoughts on this. 

First, there is this major attraction. It’s magnetic! It feels right! You can’t get enough of one another. It’s fun and exciting and you can’t stop talking about it. We go into this commitment with our dreams, passions and emotions and values. So just as we are attracted to that one special person, we are attracted to a career or a business that also appeals to our passions and dreams. Somehow this attraction catapults us into what we find important in life.

Then during the dating and courtship process, we talk about these dreams we have. How we see ourselves and would we make each other complete. We talked about our passions and what we wanted to be. We talked about if we would have kids, how much money would we make? What would we do to make money? Where would we live? Would we go to church? What values do we have? I could go on but you get the point. You see all these points and statements show up in your business. We see this in the questions we asked when starting a  business. Does this business that we are starting move us in some way? What is the big vision and dream for our business? Will it last?  What core value or values fit together in our business and life? Will it sustain us?  

Does this all sound familiar?

Okay here is where I’m going to be blunt, some of us begin our businesses with no goals and no commitment. But after awhile it will become stale and empty if it doesn’t have a bigger purpose or a bigger why. Commitment is so important in running a business and being involved in your marketing. Social Media, by the way, is a big commitment. So 35 years later this has a much bigger meaning such as commitment, honesty, trust and loyalty.

Marriages have ups and downs too. We have had many? The usual stories, finances, kid’s, life, promotions, sicknesses, weddings, birthdays, elderly etc.

When we own our own businesses it’s the same. We have ups and downs. And that’s where the commitment comes in. We have to be committed to the ups and downs in our businesses.

Then there is something that I have never put down in words before but it’s that involvement in a deeper relationship. The knowing, the caring and the element of not being able to wait until you can tell them your next idea or act of brilliance. Same with your business of still having that appeal that is so emotional that you can’t wait to start on it. It energizes you! It’s that deep commitment you have when working with one of your clients.  The sincerity in really caring.

In my case, my biggest and deepest why is serving and helping others and so is my husbands and that is why we work and live so well together. There’s that bond, like business, where you just know you’re in a groove. You’re in your sweet spot. You’re doing business the way you want to do it with who you want to do it with!

So yes the honeymoon for me is never over! It’s a journey of discovery and growth in my relationship with my spouse. It also will be a journey for my business too. Here is hoping that you and I will continue to nurture all the principles of passion, dreams, visions, loyalty and commitment, which not only is a part of a successful marriage but a successful business! I would love to hear your thoughts on these concepts.

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