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Things that creep me out on Linkedin!

LinkedInThere are many of us who are open networkers on Linkedin!  I include myself in this group.  Lately, I’m noticing some really creepy things going on.  So I thought I would address these and some things I do to prevent it.  Here are five issues that I don’t tolerate on Linkedin when connecting with people.

1.  This is not the place for the dating game.  I am a professional, looking to connect with other professionals to collaborate or work for.  I’m not looking for a soul mate.  I found mine.  It would be better if these daters could use other avenues, not Linkedin.  If you ask someone to connect because you want to establish a dating relationship, most people will not connect.  In fact, I report them to Linkedin.  Don’t do it, it will ruin your Linkedin reputation.

2.  No I don’t want to read your eight paragraph sales pitch right after we connect.  Seriously, if I met you at a networking event would you really go on for thirty minutes about yourself and how wonderful your product or service is.  Also, do you really think people want to read all that?  NOT!  Instead, one paragraph on how excited you are to connect with them would be fine.  And then as a bonus give them an article or something in a link that will help them in their field or expertise.

3.  Customize every connection request you make.  Please if you want to connect with other people who might someday be a good strategic partner or a client, don’t use the generic statement.  You know the statement, it goes like this, ” I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.”   Don’t do this, personalize this statement.  This tells me you don’t care and there is no reason to connect.  Give someone a reason to connect.  Here is an example of a great reach out that I did.  “Hey John, It was great meeting you at the Chamber meeting this morning.  Thank you for discussing your business with me.  Here is a great article (ARTICLE LINK) that I think might help you.  I would love to connect with you because I believe we would make good referral partners.  Thanks, Lorraine.”   You see it’s that simple.  Just make it personal and you will have so much success on Linkedin.

4.  I really have no clue who you are!  There are so many people out there who try to connect with me who I don’t know and can’t know.  You might be saying but Lorraine, you said you are an open networker.  I am, so here are my rules for connecting.  You must have a profile picture and summary because if I don’t know you personally, the only way I can get to know you is through the picture and the summary.  And really. you should complete your profile so when others read it they would want to connect with you.

5.  Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum I smell the spam!  This is not the ham or the blood of an Englishman.  This is a spammer!  Yike!  Run, Run Run!  These are people who usually have no profile picture or no connections.  My encounter with one happened the other day.  This person connected with me and then spammed all my connections.  Wow, not very nice.

Well, my purpose for writing these points is to help you be a better networker on Linkedin.  If you stay away from these creepy things I believe you will have success.  Please comment below if you have had any creepy strangers lurking you from afar.  I would love to hear your stories.

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