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The Quest for Perfection!

perfectionI have a confession to make, sometimes (not all the time) I don’t get things done because I’m striving for perfection. It’s funny because I have never in my whole life thought I was a perfectionist. But lately it has been just that.

So here my thoughts on why trying to be perfect will come back to haunt us and prevent us from success.

One way perfection stops us from success is saying these exact words. “It’s not ready yet, but someday it will be.” That has been my line so often and what ends up happening is that because of this line nothing gets done. I am so guilty of this. I come up with all these plans and I say to myself, I still need to run it by 3 zillion people. Or I need to tweak it. This line leads me into so many excuses to why it’s not ready that I become paralyzed. And then I accept the fact that I am not ready. And then nothing gets done

The 2nd thing that comes up with perfection that prevents us from success is this conversation in our heads that it won’t work and then I get stuck in the land of “What ifs”. Like what if I fail. And if it fails I’m not perfect. What if it comes across as not how I wanted it to come out? And who ever said I had to be perfect. And stop waiting to be perfect because then it will never get done.

There are many other reasons that perfection seems to get in our way. Edith Schaeffer wrote: “People throw away what they could have by insisting on perfection, which they cannot have, and looking for it where they will never find it.” I really agree with her is that you cannot have or find it. What does this quest for perfection do to you? How does it hinder you? I would love to know drop me a line.

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