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The Key to Achieving FB AD Success


There are many factors to being successful with a FB AD! There is consistency. You have to do them and test them alot to be successful and see what is working. There is relevance, you have to be relevant to keep people looking at them. You have to solve some problem or some need to get them to click on the Ad. I believe the biggest factor is having Goals driving your specific FB AD.

What are some important things to know when setting up your goals for a FB AD.

Well the biggest thing is with what ever you are doing you must know why you are doing it . For instance, when setting up a FB ad campaign what do you want the results to be. Do you want to collect names? Do you want to have more likes? Do you want to have sales? Maybe it’s all of above.

If you know what the goal is, you will know if you achieved it or not. Plus knowing the goals will help you in setting up the right components in Facebook Ad. So having a goal driven Ad campaign will make you more successful if you know them. So test this today go on and set up an ad after you have decided what your goals are. When you get a chance drop me a line and let me know how you made out or what else works when it comes to doing FB ads.

  1. Lorraine I’ve always been confused about this – What makes a good goal for a FB ad? I don’t really get it! I don’t necessarily think sales are it, but potentially… HELP?

    • Hi Cena, A great goal for FB Ad could be build your email list. Another one could be Generate leads. Both of these will ultimately lead to sales. Another great goal is to get traffic to your website. Those are just few. And again ultimately you want all these roads to lead to sales. If your spending money on Ads you do want an ROI!

  2. Knowing why you do what you do just makes life more fun – sounds like it is critical for FB ads too.

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