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What to Post on Your Business Instagram Page!

So you have a business page on Instagram and now you’re wondering what in the world do I post. I have some ideas for you that I hope will help. First, before I share what to post I want to tell you about my number 1 rule I have when posting.

Rule # 1 Just be a real person, BE HUMAN! So many people post and I can’t get a sense of who they are. So try to be yourself when posting.

Okay here are my 7 things that I believe are good posts.

1.  Quotes – Not just any quote but a quote that is relevant to your business. It could even be your own quote. Use your own background and write something about it.  

2.  Your products in use. Meaning show a picture of someone or yourself using the product. That would be so cool. Too often we say buy and we don’t even show someone using the product.

3.  Your Humor – Be funny sometimes. You don’t have to be so serious all the time.  

4.  Short Videos – Do a short video, people love to watch videos. Be creative. This is a great way to show your face and show that you are real.

5.  Behind the scenes – These can be photos of an event or at the workplace. It puts real life out there. It makes it authentic.

6.  Throwback Thursday – #tbt Love this one. Just try to make it relevant to your business.

7.  What’s Happening – These can be adventures of your brand or you.  

I hope these suggestions help you figure out what you want to post. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I theme my posts with tips. So be creative and have some fun doing it. Drop me a line below and let me know what you are posting on your page.

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