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Knowing Your Why

WhyIn business, it is so important to know why you do what you do.  I think if you know why it’s half of the battle towards business success.

If you are not very clear on your “why”, you have a good chance of failing.  Being clear about why you are in business and having a compelling story can be a foundation for your success.  For me, I found, it keeps me moving forward.

My “why” is pretty simple, I do Biz Gone Social to help entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed in their businesses by utilizing Social Media Managing and Marketing.   Nothing makes me feel better and more fulfilled than to be able to help someone else succeed.  For me, it’s about helping someone else who is struggling to find the solutions for improvement and growth.

The simplicity, for me, is I can make money by doing what I enjoy most…helping others.  Working from home, my hours are flexible. Most importantly, since I am able to work from home,  I get to spend the valuable time I need to with my family.

Lately, the most burning question that I receive from other business owners has been, “Will Social Media Really Help Me In My Business?”  My answer back is yes.  But even in that lies this question that I ask my clients.  “Why?”  We talk about “Why” we are doing this platform over the other.  Where we can be most effective and why?  The bottom line is we need to know why we do anything.

What is your “why”?  If you haven’t figured it out, here are three questions to ask that might help you.

1.  What is the number one reason you do what you do?

2.  Do you like what you do so much that you are actually passionate about it?

3.  Is what you do for business an extension of your passions in life?

If you are using Social Media in your business you also need to know your why?  Here is more questions that might help.

1.  Why are you using Social Media?

2.  What are you hoping to accomplish?

3.  What kind of content will you post and why!

4.  How often?  What time?

And there are so many more questions?

Today share your stories about your “why”!

In the meantime, if there is anything I can do to support you in figuring out your “why”, please contact me at [email protected]

We can work together so you can take some simple steps to understand why you do what you do.  It can make all the difference in your business and your life.

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