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Jumpstart your Video Marketing on Facebook for August!

Hey, I was just wondering if you have tried video marketing on Facebook yet!

I know it’s been on the back of your mind and you want to do it. There is overwhelming statistics on why you should do it and this big reason; EVERYONE IS WATCHING VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK!

So here some tips to get you started.

  1.  Open up an account on FACEBOOK. A business account if you have your own business. Just do it. This way when you start making videos you have a place to upload them to.
  2.  Put together a video marketing calendar. Know what you are going to do a video about each week. And yes you heard me, post at least once a week. This way your audience has a reason to come back. Make sure your calendar includes any call to actions you will be needing for the video or any promos you will be doing.
  3.  Use your smartphone to video and to upload it to dropbox or Google Drive. Now here is the thing. You don’t need a special camera just use your smartphone. It will take awesome videos. And it is so easy.

Hope this helps and stay tuned on Thursday for a special video announcement on my new upcoming webinar.

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