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Is Your Content Shareable

shareOne of the biggest questions that people ask me as a social media expert is how can I get people to share my content? I think there are 4 very important components to your posts that will make your content shareable.

1.   Make your content engaging. Ask questions! Be real! Write about things that will make people want to comment and then share your content.  

2.  Make your content useful. The biggest questions I always ask myself when posting are, “Will this help my audience?” “Will it improve their social media?” If they can’t use it they certainly won’t read it or share it.

3.  Make your content visual. Great pictures equal great shares! I wish I could say after that, “ALL THE TIME!” but the truth is that it is great pictures with great content that equals shares.

4.  Make your content emotional. Put some passion behind it. If you can stir up an emotion or a truth, people will share.  

Some final thoughts on getting shares.

* Post content that is original and funny, that gets automatic shares.

* Post content that is really you. Be Real.

* Post content that you are passionate about.

* Finally, post content that will help people.

Drop me a line and tell me what kind of content got shared by you or others.

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