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I’m Doing This Again! Oh My!

social media fears“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

I have a confession to make the last five days I’ve been procrastinating. The major culprit is I have this underlying fear of failure. The other culprit is my unrealistic expectations of success. Lastly I said Yes to many unimportant events. Now I’m faced with delaying a project that I want to share with my tribe to help them. It’s not a comfortable feeling. So here are some of my thoughts that I have learned the hard way and hopefully this time I learned a valuable lesson.

1.   Be Aware – I was reading a blogpost last week  it was called; “How to overcome procrastination & the fear of failure”. In this blog post there was a quote by Dale Carnegie that said, “Interaction Breeds Doubt And Fear. Action breeds Confidence And Courage. If You Want To Conquer Fear, Do not Sit Home And Think About It. Go Out And Get Busy.” This project I’ve started working on kept on being pushed to the next day, this should have been my clue that I was procrastinating. The funny thing is I knew it as soon as it popped up on this blog I read. I was called out! The bottom line was I was procrastinating because I was afraid! So that awareness is that uncomfortable feeling that you have that pushes you one way or another. Either you are going to ignore it or work on it. The cool thing is when I became aware of it, I stopped doing those things that I was putting off because of fear and moved forward. Sometimes I feel that fear everyday but the key is forward progress.

2.  Find out the why – I knew there was a reason for my procrastination but I didn’t want face it. Usually I’m distracted by those shiny bright objects, but no it wasn’t that. For me this time it was the fear of failure. It was rearing it’s ugly head. So I tried to ignore it and do other things that didn’t really matter. The bottom line is I’m working on this project and it’s going to be big and I am afraid to put it out there because of failing. I believe knowing why is most of the battle but tackling it is even more important.

3.  Tackle it – So I’ve had many conversations with my coach in my head and one that has stuck out was if I didn’t put it out there I was failing! Also I came to the conclusion that not putting it out there would cause regret in me. I know now that every once in a while fear is going to creep into my life and try to prevent me from realizing my dreams. There is this quote out there “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. So that is what I’m going to do. Stay tuned for some announcements coming from me in the next few months and many cool webinars coming up. In the meantime think about these questions. Is fear causing you to put off what needs to be done? Is there an underlying reason you are procrastinating?

Drop me a line and tell me some things you do to crush fear! Don’t let fear crush your dreams!

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