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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

Ideas for the New Year to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Going!

social mediaUse Social Media tools to help.

There are thousands and thousands of Social Media users out there. Find some tools that will help you reach out to your industry as most of the tools out there are inexpensive. I love Hootsuite, it saves me so much time.  There are others too. Just do a google search and find what will work for you and your business.

Share what is relevant to your tribe.

If you miss out on this point your social media marketing will be obsolete. It’s so important to know your target audience and their buying behavior, so spend some time getting to know your target audience. After you find out what is relevant to them, write about some topics that will help these audiences.

Organize! Organize! Organize.

I suggest spending an hour a month planning what to share and put a content calendar together. I recommend using google calendars, which is so easy to use. Take your topic list from point number 2 above and theme your calendar. This way your audience will get so much value and variety.

Utilize all your Social Media platforms to post content.

Think ahead to how you post your content from the lists you made. Will you put it on FB, Twitter, Videos? Always make nice looking visuals because the visuals increase engagement by 60 percent.

Repurpose some of your existing content.

I always look at my most engaging posts and then I reuse them for another day. Recycling old stuff and using a new visual is a big time saver. This is an easy way to fill in those spaces where you don’t know what to post.

Always use your own voice for sharing on Social Media.

This makes you so authentic. It’s so important to voice your personal touch. Ways you can do this is to state your opinion or ask a question. Sometimes it’s a matter of just adding a personal greeting.  

Do you have any Social Media Marketing ideas to share?  Just leave them in the comments below.