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Have you been in a slump lately?

slumpSpring is almost gone and we are almost in the full swing of summer!  Woo Hoo!  Summer is always exciting for me because of the warmth and the sun.  When I was younger I got excited because summer meant I was done with school for a bit.  Also, the games have begun for professional baseball teams.

Over Memorial Day weekend, I had a chance to watch my team, the New York Mets!   The season has barely started and some of the players are already in a batting slump.  And throughout the year there always will be plenty of players who go into batting slumps.  Hitters when they hit these slumps do all sorts of things.  They change their bats. They do crazy rituals. They even change their chewing gum or tobacco that they chew.  Sometimes their team manager changes their place in the batting order. What about us? What do we do?  

We as normal everyday people get into slumps.  I know for me I do.   I’ve been in many roles in my adult life and I somehow manage to get myself into the occasional slump.  I’ve noticed one thing that’s a very big temptation when I’m in one of my slumps.  I feel like I want to quit.   This can be so dangerous.  So I just wanted to share a couple of ideas that help me to keep my passion for my daily activities real and some tips for evaluating this along the way. Hopefully, this will encourage you if you are in one of these slumps! So here we go!

Sometimes “I’m” the lesson.  I’m good at helping others in slumps and can always see them through the slump, but I always forget about taking care of me.  Here are some questions I ask myself during these slump times.  What am I doing for myself?   What are some things I’m doing to get out of this slump?  Is there anything I need to change? This last one is a big one for me because sometimes I have trouble with saying No.  So then I get overwhelmed and I feel like I’m in a slump.   I believe that you should evaluate if you’re the lesson here and change what needs to be changed.

Another thing I do is get down to basics.  It’s kind of like that old Ivory Soap commercial that was on TV years ago.  Let’s get down to basics was part of their slogan.  I write a simple list and do it, the way I always do it.  These are some questions I ask that get me down to basics and help me stay focused.  What habits or routines do I need to continue? Do I need to follow my schedule more?  Do I need to be really intentional about what I do?  As of late, I have needed to be real intentional because of all the distractions in my life.   I suggest you evaluate what has always worked well for you as I do and continue to do it.

Also, I mix it up.  Maybe it’s time I just do something different.  Maybe I have to get away from routine.  Sometimes doing the same thing all the time does not help you.  So change it up a bit.   See how that will work.  What would your life look like if you did something different for the next 30 days?  The experts say if you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit.    I know for me sometimes the freshness of a new thing helps me move out of a slump. Here is where I believe you should try it first and then evaluate to see if this new thing you’re doing works or not.

Lastly,  Am I pushing myself? Am I pushing myself in the areas that I need to do and the tasks that I enjoy doing?  So my advice to you is, don’t push yourself in areas that are a waste of energy or not advantageous to a better you.  We have to push ourselves sometimes to get through the tough times of slumps.  Right now I’m not in a slump.  I’m on fire!  I’m working hard in my business.  I’m batting over 500! Woo HOO! Not sure how to describe it but I’m doing everything I can do to stay out of a summer slump.  I’m just not going to allow a summer slump to begin with. It’s a choice.  

So I’m choosing to push myself harder and lose the things that really are a waste of my time.  I’m choosing once again to focus on the things that are important to me.  I am changing some things and evaluating myself.  I’m asking myself the tough questions.  I must say this is painful because it causes me to think even for the future and I always want to be moving forward with focus.   Just curious to what you do to get out of your slump?  Drop me a line and share your answers with me here!

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