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Is the #Hashtag an Instagram Mystery?

hashtag, instagramEvery time I go to post on one of my Social Media platforms, this mysterious #Hashtag appears.  It comes in all different word sizes.  Various users on these sites see them and scratch their heads.  Other users, use them and have no idea how to.  So what is the mystery?  How can we as business owners use the hashtag right so it no longer has to be a mystery.  Let’s uncover the clues…ah…ha

1.  Clue number one, posts with more hashtags on them are more successful.  In fact, if you choose not to have a hashtag at all your post will be useless and real it will be fairly private.  So I recommend 3 to 10 hashtags.  I have noticed the more hashtags you use, the more people love and comment on your post.  This is a good thing.

2.  Clue number two, be picky with the usage of your hashtags.  These hashtags are like keywords that can be searched by people looking for content pertaining to that hashtag.  A good example is one time I saw a business coach who used the hashtag #baseball.  It’s a great word and content that is related to it has over 9 million posts.  However, not sure how it will help his business.

3.  Clue number three, be strategic with your hashtags.  Think who you want to attract to your posts. So for instance I do Social Media.  I don’t want to use all hashtags with Social Media.  I want to use hashtags that may attract my potential clients.  So you have to think what kind of content they would research.

4.  Clue number four, always test to see what works and what doesn’t.  If you have a post that is flat it could mean that the hashtags you used were not right.

So when it comes down to it.  Hashtags aren’t a mystery you just have to look at the clues to understand them.  Once you understand them they will work wonders for your marketing tactics on Instagram.

Are you ready to be more diligent in posting on Instagram with hashtags?  Drop me a line and let me know!

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