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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

Do It Yourself

How to Do Your Own Social Media Marketing and Get Amazing Results

Whether you’re starting from scratch or simply need to know the most effective social media strategies, the following packages and services will give you the guidance, support and savvy you need to do your own social media marketing … without wasting time, money or brain cells.

Social Media Set Up and Strategy*

If you’re just getting started with your social media marketing, this is the package for you. I’ll show you how to:

  • Determine which social media networks are best for you.
  • Set up your profiles and pages on those networks.
  • Create a customized, 6-month social media strategy to meet your specific goals, budget and time schedule.

Social Media Evaluation, Strategy & Coaching*

If you’re already on the social media scene but you don’t have a strategy or you’re not getting the results you want, this package will give you what you need to:

  • Evaluate what’s already working for you and what’s a waste of your time.
  • Create a customized social media strategy tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives.
  • Learn and implement the best practices for finding and connecting with your ideal customers online.
  • Regularly analyze your results and upgrade your strategy accordingly.
*Both of the above packages are available with or without 3 one-hour coaching sessions. If you feel you could benefit from additional expertise, guidance and support, sign up for these 3 one-hour coaching sessions. Get the answers, advice and help you need to succeed!

Super-Speedy Social Media Strategy Session

Bam! This laser-focused, 30-minute strategy session is perfect for those times when you have one, specific social media challenge, issue or question. You’ll get a quick solution or strategy addressing your issue, plus 1-2 action steps you can implement immediately.

Strictly Set-up Packages:

Do you need help getting your profiles and pages set up?

I’ll help you choose which networks make sense for your business, set up your profile and/or pages (including photos, bios, personal urls, thumbnails, etc.) for any of the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Biz Gone Social Bootcamp

Everything you need to know about the art of social media marketing in one,
comprehensive teleseries!

Social Media Café & Inner Circle

Keep up to date and on the leading edge of everything social media in this monthly virtual meet-up.

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