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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

“CRUSHING” it with Social Media in 2018!

I know I want to “Crush It” this year. I have big goals with Social Media for my business in 2018! What about you? I hope that you have some time at the end of 2017 to decide what social media strategy you will use in 2018. Here are my top three social media platforms I believe you should be using in 2018 because they will become great traffic sources for you.

1.  Facebook.

I know you have heard me say if you ever join me on one of my free webinars, “I spend more time on Facebook but I get more clients on Linkedin.” That is so true but I love Facebook. This year (2017) most of my web traffic from Social Media platforms came from Facebook and Instagram. If you are creating content that adds value for your fans or clients then Facebook is the place to put it. I know for me I try to share my blog on Facebook weekly. Another reason why Facebook is a great place to be is that you can do paid targeted advertising on it. I would encourage you to get serious with FB ads for 2018. Also, Facebook is a great place where you can grow your business fans quickly.

2.  Linkedin.

The best place to be if you are B2B, plus the average income is well over 100K. So why not. This where I thrive and I know you can too. I get all my warm leads and business from Linkedin. It’s a great way to network with other business owners in the many groups Linkedin has on its platform. I would encourage you this year to spend some time to listen to what your ideal client is saying on Linkedin.

3.  Instagram.

I love Instagram. It’s visual and exciting. If your business is product oriented then this is the place for you. You can theme your Instagram page. I themed mine with social media tips. No doubt about it for me it was the 3rd traffic source for me in 2017 and I only started getting serious about it in July of 2016.

These are my top 3 but I love Twitter and YouTube and Google. So you don’t want to leave them out either. A YouTube video can go viral in seconds. So don’t overlook YouTube at all. I’m looking forward to sending you tips and strategies for 2018 in your inbox. Drop me a line below and share with me what your favorite platform is.