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Creating Opportunities and Open Doors with Social Media

There is a great quote by Milton Berle that says  “If opportunity does not knock, then build a door” I love this quote because it is basically saying don’t sit around and wait for opportunity, go out and work and build a door so when it does come you are prepared to open it. At least this is what it means to me. You have to get out there and make your own opportunities. You have to build that door!

So my question is this are you making your own opportunities?

I believe one of the biggest opportunities out there for small business is Social Media. The problem is most of us are missing it.

I would like to share with you 3 opportunities for you to create when using social media.

The 1st opportunity that is right in front of you is to listen first and then engage! I believe if you will listen you find an opportunity somewhere to connect and engage with potential clients. Start going into various groups that are your target market and listen to what is going on in that group and then start commenting on the posts or answering some questions. Some will see you and want to know more about you and then the many possibilities are out there. I’ve been listening a lot lately and I learn more about my clients and potential clients every day. In fact, I have a whole word document created for it.  

The 2nd way to create opportunity is to share good content that solves your target market’s problem. This opportunity to share this across all the social media boards gets you major visibility. I shared some of my content on some groups last week and I got a person who wanted to know more about what I did with social media and ask me some questions. And I got a client, I was hired. Interestingly enough in my word document that I have made with just listening one of the most common statements is I just need a solution for my problem that converts. This is statement is for everyone.

The 3rd way to create opportunity is my #1 strategy for getting a client and it’s on the LinkedIn platform. What I do is when someone asks to connect with me I write a personal note. I do this with everyone I accept saying, “Just saying a hello and great connecting with you. If I can help you in any way just reach out.” The cool thing is I end up with several reach outs asking me if they can set up a call with me to learn more about social media. I have gotten many clients using this strategy. This is just a little step but it is powerful. So don’t miss out on creating your opportunities because you never know who is watching.  

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