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Post Content that is Successful

Social Media Content

Lately, I have been browsing through the different posts on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram wondering if there was any thought at all that was put into some of the posts. My strategy for posting to have Social Media Content Success is fun, relevance, emotional and honesty. […]

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Is the #Hashtag an Instagram Mystery?

hashtag, instagram

Every time I go to post on one of my Social Media platforms, this mysterious #Hashtag appears.  It comes in all different word sizes.  Various users on these sites see them and scratch their heads.  Other users, use them and have no idea how to.  So what […]

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Following the right people on Social Media!


It’s so important that while you are using the different social media platforms that you are following the right people.  Following the right people on Social Media will help you get more warm leads for your business and it will grow your business.  These are some of […]

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Simply Begin Again

Begin Again-1024x791

I learned something last week that was revolutionary for my life. It’s a phrase that I now say to myself over and over again. Simply begin again. It might even be another theme in my life for the rest of the year. Think about it for a […]

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#PuppyMonkeyBaby & Social Media (Seriously)

As I awaited in anticipation for the Superbowl #SB50 to begin, I started reminiscing on all the great championship games. Greats like Montana, Elway, Bradshaw, Farve, the Manning Brothers and so many others were big game winners. However when your team isn’t in the game, what do […]

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Using Facebook Insights To Measure!

Open Tape Measure

Do you have a business page on Facebook? I do! I’m wondering if you ever take the time to look at the page insights? Is it all confusing to you? It doesn’t have to be. In fact it could be quite helpful. I thought today would help […]

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What’s In The Cards For Your Business?


I’m not much of a card player but the other day I asked myself, “Lorraine, What’s in the Cards for my business this September?  What am I going to risk?”. I came up with a few amazing business growth ideas for my business that I can wait […]

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A Flat Tire And Social Media Lessons


On Saturday, while my son was using our car he got a flat tire. He did not know what to do so he kept on driving. In doing this he ruined the tire. Then he finally called us. So my husband went to save the day. However, […]

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Social Media Time Suckers, Be Gone!


Many people in business loose time daily while trolling and participating on the various social media platforms. Unfortunately you can never get that time back. Unless, of course, you have a time machine. Getting more time in your day can be as simple as making a few […]

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“Crush It” with Social Media In 2015!


I know I want to “Crush It” this year.  I have big goals with Social Media for my business in 2015!  What about you? I hope that you had some time over the end of 2014 to decide what social media strategy you will use in 2015. […]

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