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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

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Facebook And Relationships!

Valentines day to me is a lot like Facebook Relationships.  Some of us are in long-term relationships, short-term relationships or no relationships.  Today I want to share with you how nurturing those long-term relationships are your most important asset on Facebook.  I would like to give some […]

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Stop, Look & Listen on Facebook!

When I was in High School I went to all the football home games.  There was this cheerleading chant that went something like this; “Stop, look and listen we are the mighty bears”.  It was quite catchy because decades later I still remember that chant!  I love […]

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I get it!  I really do!   After last weeks blog many of my subscribers have informed me in these words.  “No way am I going to waste my time on Social Media (SM)”!  Why do I need a plan when my teenager can post for me, and […]

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A New Year for Social Media Marketing Plans!

We are in the first week of the New Year and I’m already thinking down the road for my Social Media marketing plan.  I’m wondering how many business owners out there have a Social Media marketing plan for their business?  I’m wondering how many business owners out […]

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Questions To Ponder In 2013!

Well officially Christmas is over and now I’m looking forward to the New Year!  This is my last post of 2012.  What a wonderful Christmas season this has been for me.  I had so much fun with entertaining family and friends over Christmas!  I hope my blog […]

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2 Social Media Lessons I learned from A Charlie Brown Christmas!

 One of my favorite Christmas traditions I have kept since I was a little girl has been to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas story!  As I am heading toward a landmark birthday, I never get tired of it.  This year I have watched it with new eyes.  […]

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Some more tips to Social Media!

I have been doing Social Media Marketing for a while now.  The way I see it Social Media is crucial when it comes to marketing your business online.  Social Media gets your name out there in a big way.  It gets you noticed.  Getting noticed can boost […]

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The Game Of Risk & Social Media Marketing!

Last week as most of you know, most of the northeast was without power.  I was one of the lucky ones without power.  I found it challenging but fun.  Mostly it was fun because I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends chatting.  […]

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What’s So Scary About Social Media Marketing!

Halloween is next week and I have a brief story for you!  Once upon a time there was all these small businesses out there that were scared of marketing their companies with Social Media.  So they kept on doing what they always been doing and getting the […]

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Important Linkedin Profile Musts! (This will help your Business.)

Time and time again when I go on to various Linkedin profiles I notice some things that people are forgetting to do that would help them so much.  So here are my 3 musts that I feel you should implement right away. 1.  Make sure your business […]

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