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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

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Holy! Social Media Batman!!! Lessons Learned!

holy-Social Media

I grew up watching the TV Series of Batman! They defended Gotham City from the bad guys!  The show was amazing!  I believe batman has some lessons regarding social media that are hard for us ignore in our businesses.  So here are some lessons from the famed […]

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Does your social media content stink?


Sometimes as I browse through the different posts on facebook and twitter I wonder if there was any thought at all that was put into some of the posts.   My strategy for posting, for instance, on facebook and twitter is not rocket science.  This is my formula:  […]

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Is Your Social Media Foundation Strong?


The other day I went down to the local beach and notices the fishing pier was damaged from two storms we had.  Hurricane Irene was the first storm to come in and cause damage.  Then Hurricane Sandy finished it off.  It has yet to be repaired.  There […]

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Facebook Marketing and Fairytales!


Once upon a time in land of facebook, there were the naysayers out there that have said that you can’t use facebook for marketing your business.  Some even will go as far and say facebook  is a marketing fairytale. Some business owners say Facebook is only for […]

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Is your Social Media having a ripple effect?


When I was little girl I lived near a school.  At that school there was a pond in the back that we used to ice skate in winter and skip rocks in the summer.  I have very fond memories of that pond.  One day bunch of my […]

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Social Media and Marshmallows!


Now that spring is here the campouts have begun.  I don’t know about you but for me when I think of campouts I think of marshmallows.  As I was toasting my marshmallow on Sunday, I started to think about how the marshmallow I was toasting is very […]

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Social Media And Paul McCartney!


Sir Paul the Liverpool genius will be turning 71 in June.  He is my favorite Beatle.  Most of the Internet Kids today don’t even know who this cool dude is! I do!  Heck my kids don’t even know what a record is.   I have to say he […]

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Social Media: Where Will I Get The Biggest Bang For My Buck?


If you are trying to determine which social media forums to use for your small business, there are a few questions to ask yourself before jumping in?  First determine: What demographic are you targeting to:  Age, Gender, etc. On what social media sites does that demographic hang […]

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Keep On, Keeping On!

Consistency will pay off in the Business of Social Media Marketing. One Step at a Time! Do you struggle with consistency with Social Media?   Do you find that you make using Social Media for your business hard?  We all sometimes struggle to keep the marketing funnel […]

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Up Close And Personal with Linkedin!

If you have gotten to know me through only Social Media networking then you know the most important thing for me is being relational.  For me, Linkedin is about relationships.  It’s about connecting.  So Linkedin is one of the many platforms I use to build relationships and […]

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