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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!

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Have you been in a slump lately?


Spring is almost gone and we are almost in the full swing of summer!  Woo Hoo!  Summer is always exciting for me because of the warmth and the sun.  When I was younger I got excited because summer meant I was done with school for a bit. […]

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How Are You Going To Move Forward?

There are all kinds of inspirational quotes out there on moving forward!  One of my favorites is by Oliver Wendell Holmes, it goes something like this “The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.”  So my […]

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If you ask some business owners how they manage to keep balance in their lives and business, one of  the common threads in all their answers seems to be prioritizing.  We seem to have found that making sure we use our time on things that matter is […]

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Stop Wasting Time In Your Business!

Getting more time in your day can be as simple as making a few minor changes.  We know there are only so many hours available, and adding more is just not possible. However,  these are three practices that help me get more accomplished in the time I […]

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The Importance Of A Goal!

It’s almost the end of August and Summer 2012 will be over soon.  I believe with moving into the final months of the year it’s time for a goal reality check.  When I’m managing my clients Social Media I always try to find out what their goals […]

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Relationships Matter!

I’m observing some very disturbing things lately in the Social Media platforms that worry me.  There is a huge amount of people spending way too much time online. Permit me to share some of my thoughts on this matter of Social Media. So my first thought is […]

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Five Daily Choices Of An Entrepreneur!

I am now a proud owner of a business that has life and is vibrant!  I love it!  As I sit here and soak this in I realize that along the way I had to make a lot of choices as an Entrepreneur.  I want to share […]

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Staying Focused For Success! 3 ways to accomplish the task at hand!

Words with Friends

Recently, I was made aware that I procrastinate.  I personally think that procrastination is over rated because most of us have trouble focusing at one time or another.  Then we fall behind.   Seriously, sometimes I do find myself forever falling behind because of the distractions that come […]

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Business Planning For the New Year!

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

Well officially Christmas is over and nowI’m looking forward to the New Year!  What a wonderful holiday season this has been for me.  I had so much fun with entertaining family and friends over Christmas!  I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits and anticipating the […]

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Finding the Calm in the Chaos in your Business (Part 2)


 As a business owner I believe being organized is another great way to find the calm in the chaos.  You see being disorganized adds to the chaotic moments.  So how do you and I get organized and stay organized to find the calm in everyday business?  I […]

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