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Simply Begin Again

Begin Again-1024x791

I learned something last week that was revolutionary for my life. It’s a phrase that I now say to myself over and over again. Simply begin again. It might even be another theme in my life for the rest of the year. Think about it for a […]

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Out of Africa (PT 2)


When I got to the conference center in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa to teach, I never know what to expect. Will we have our usual translator? Will there be someone there to translate for us? Will we connect? Will I like her? Immediately I saw some […]

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It really is a “Wonderful Life”!


It’s Nineteen days into December, and my Christmas tree is up and decorated.  I have pulled out the Christmas books, the Christmas music and the Christmas movies.  I am officially in the Christmas spirit.  I must say I have at least 3 favorite movies for this enchanted […]

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Thankful on Facebook!


We are well into November and soon it will be Thanksgiving in the states.  Last year I decided to do something a bit different for November and dub it “Thankful November”!  Each day on my Facebook page I had been posting something that I was thankful for.   […]

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Fear Of Failure, I’m doing it Again!


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist I have a confession to make the last two weeks I’ve been procrastinating.  The major culprit is I have this underlying fear of failure.  The other culprit […]

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Social Media and Saying Goodbye!


Usually I write about using social media in my business in my weekly blog posts, but not today!  Since I use social media to make a living and I help businesses with their social media marketing I want to share something on a personal side.  After all […]

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Lessons of Choice!


I am now a proud owner of a business that has life and is vibrant!  I love it!  As I sit here and soak this in I realize that along the way I had to make a lot of choices as an Entrepreneur.  I want to share […]

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Social Media on Tragedy & Death!


On a week I should be writing about my inspiring trip to Africa, I find myself in deep thought about the tragic injuries and deaths that transpired at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.  No words can express how much this affects me.  As one who […]

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Stop, Look & Listen on Facebook!

When I was in High School I went to all the football home games.  There was this cheerleading chant that went something like this; “Stop, look and listen we are the mighty bears”.  It was quite catchy because decades later I still remember that chant!  I love […]

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Boxes (That was then, this is now) Revisited 2013

Last year around this time, a friend and I were discussing some boxes we still have over our parent’s houses.  Well she took one home over her Christmas holiday.   She told me as she was browsing through it she couldn’t believe some of the stuff she saved.  […]

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