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Advertising on Instagram. (Short Read)


I love the ease of advertising on Instagram. I advertise for a few of my clients and we do have success. So here are a few of my thoughts. 1.  I am a visual learner so when I see an attractive picture I’m drawn to it. So […]

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Don’t Miss Out on Instagram for Your Business

If you’re not on Instagram you are missing out on an amazing social platform for your business. I know, one more platform for your business does not sound like fun but more work, but it really isn’t. So let’s dive into why I believe it’s important. Over 60 percent […]

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Using Instagram for your Business

Instagram plan

Many businesses are on Instagram.  Sometimes the obvious things we should be doing are not so obvious.  I want to share 7 tips that you should know about Instagram but we may overlook it or don’t think it’s important. 1.  Separate your personal and your business account. […]

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Do you have an Instagram Marketing Plan?

Instagram Marketing Plan

I can’t believe we are almost in December. I feel like this year was on steroids or something. So what will 2017 bring? Do you have any big plans in your business for the New Year coming up?  I’m already thinking down the road for my Instagram […]

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Is the #Hashtag an Instagram Mystery?

hashtag, instagram

Every time I go to post on one of my Social Media platforms, this mysterious #Hashtag appears.  It comes in all different word sizes.  Various users on these sites see them and scratch their heads.  Other users, use them and have no idea how to.  So what […]

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