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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


Write Compelling Content For Your Social Media!


This weeks blogpost is my social media video tip of the week.  I want to share that you should always add value to your audience when posting content on Social Media.  There are many ways to do that.  Here are some examples in a video I created. […]

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Add Value To Your Audience On Social Media!


How do you add value to your audience on social media? I’m always asking that question. And really it all has to do with the content your sharing on social media.  I believe there are 5 essential things that should be done. So here they are: 1. […]

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Social Media Quick Tip Monday!

Quick Tip: I just wanted to remind you that when thinking about marketing yourself on Social Media, that you want to remember that what you have on print is just as important. That means make sure you put your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin URL’s on everything. […]

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The Best Laid Plans Of Social Media Marketing!


I can’t believe we are already in August. I feel like this year is on steroids and moving full speed ahead. So what will the next 4 months bring? Do you have any big plans in your business? I’m already thinking down the road for my Business […]

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It’s All About The Hashtag!


Hashtag fun!  We see the hashtag everywhere on social media, don’t we? My question to you are you using them effectively for your business?  After all it is all about the hashtag, isn’t it? Here are seven ways you can be more strategic. 1. Make it short and simple. Don’t […]

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Is Your Content Successful?


Lately, I have been browsing through the different posts on Facebook and twitter wondering if there was any thought at all that was put into some of the posts. My strategy for posting to have Social Media Content Success is relevance, emotional, honesty and fun. Here are […]

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Following the right people on Social Media!


It’s so important that while you are using the different social media platforms that you are following the right people.  Following the right people on Social Media will help you get more warm leads for your business and it will grow your business.  These are some of […]

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Instagram Is Easy to Learn As An “A” chord!

File Jul 06, 12 05 04 AM

Did you know that Instagram is easy to learn.  Years ago when I was a part of a group that sang at weddings, my friends taught me how to play guitar. I remember trying the guitar for the first time, I had these thoughts that learning how […]

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3 Linkedin Mistakes To Avoid!


If you are on Linkedin these are the mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. I am a strong believer that you learn from your mistakes. Trust me I have made a few. Below are some mistakes that you want to avoid on Linkedin. So if […]

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Simply Begin Again

Begin Again-1024x791

I learned something last week that was revolutionary for my life. It’s a phrase that I now say to myself over and over again. Simply begin again. It might even be another theme in my life for the rest of the year. Think about it for a […]

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