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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


My Linkedin Strategies


I use Linkedin for my business.  What about you?  I always tell my clients that you must have a strategy connected with the various Social Media platforms. Linkedin is no exception with having a strategy.  I have developed what I deem as important key strategic components of […]

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Let’s Go Deeper On Social Media This Year!

social media engagement

Social media is everywhere. If you’re like me you know you have to be engaging on it. I confess I’m not always on it and I do social media marketing and management for a living. Crazy Huh. I feel lately there is so much content out there […]

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What is your Message on Social Media?

What is your Message on Social Media?
Message in a Bottle

I’m a person who loves walking on the beach.  Every once in awhile I find a great shell or a very cool rock.  One time I found a bottle with a message in it and it wasn’t S.O.S.  (Who remembers the song “Message in the bottle” by […]

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What Are Your Social Media Goals for 2017?


I have big goals with Social Media for my business in 2017!  What about you? I hope that you had some time over the end of 2016 to decide what social media strategy you will use in 2017. Here are my top three social media platforms I […]

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What Is Your Game Plan for Your Business?

Game Plan

Ready, Set, Hike! I love football! It’s my favorite sport that I like to watch. One of the most fascinating things about football is that two teams both come to the game with a plan. The team that executes the best wins. Like a game plan in […]

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Beginning Again with Social Media

I recently have been reflecting on a truth I learned last year that was revolutionary for my life. It’s a phrase that I’ve been saying to myself over and over again lately. Simply begin again. You see I’ve been sick for the last few weeks and this […]

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Tips on Creating A Social Media Calendar

social media content calendar

Last week I wrote on why it is important to have Social Media Calendar.  This week I want to give you some tips on creating a calendar.  Here they are: 1.  Set a calendar up.  I recommend using an excel spreadsheet to create your own.  Once you do […]

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Social Media Content Calendars are Important

Social Media Content Plan

If you are like me, you want 2017 to be an amazing year in your life and in your business.  Most of you probably made a commitment to step up your marketing for 2017.   That might mean to stop dreaming about a marketing plan for your business […]

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Questions to Ponder for 2017!

Business planning

Well officially Christmas is over and now I’m looking forward to the New Year!  This is my last post of 2016.  What a wonderful Christmas season this has been for me.  I had so much fun with entertaining family and friends over Christmas!  I hope my blog […]

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2 Social Media Lessons I learned from A Charlie Brown Christmas!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions I have kept since I was a little girl has been to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas story!  As I am heading toward another birthday, I never get tired of it.  This year I have watched it with new eyes.  I […]

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