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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


Superman & Social Media in your Business! (What do they have in common?)

An example of the share buttons common to many...

Lately there has been a lot of buzz around Social Media Marketing.  I am using it in my business.  And it works.  Why it works for me is I love connecting with people on a personal and business level.  Plus I love have assess to thousands of […]

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Staying Focused For Success! 3 ways to accomplish the task at hand!

Words with Friends

Recently, I was made aware that I procrastinate.  I personally think that procrastination is over rated because most of us have trouble focusing at one time or another.  Then we fall behind.   Seriously, sometimes I do find myself forever falling behind because of the distractions that come […]

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Boxes (That was then, this is now)

BERLIN - OCTOBER 26:  Boxes with the H1N1 swin...

Recently, a friend and I were discussing some boxes we still have over our parent’s houses.  Well she took one home over the Christmas holiday.   She told me as she was browsing through it she couldn’t believe some of the stuff she saved.  It got me thinking […]

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Planning Marketing In Your Business for Success!

English: Cover for the Sustainable Business Bo...

We are in the first week of the New Year and I’m already thinking down the road for marketing.  I’m wondering how many business owners out there have a marketing plan?  I’m wondering how many business owners out there actually write down their marketing plans?  I’m wondering […]

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Business Planning For the New Year!

the sexy santa assistants were there to take a...

Well officially Christmas is over and nowI’m looking forward to the New Year!  What a wonderful holiday season this has been for me.  I had so much fun with entertaining family and friends over Christmas!  I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits and anticipating the […]

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Letting Go And Being Successful In Business!

let go

As I get close to the end of another year of my life, I can’t believe how many things I had to let go of.  The bottom line is that I’m still letting go.  Some of these things that I’m letting go have hung around me like […]

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My Wonderful Life!

Travers in his most memorable role, as Clarenc...

It’s fifteen days into December, and my Christmas tree is up and decorated.  I have pulled out the Christmas books, the Christmas music and the Christmas movies.  I am officially in the Christmas spirit.  I must say I have at least 3 favorite movies for this enchanted […]

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Finding the Calm in the Chaos in your Business (Part 2)


 As a business owner I believe being organized is another great way to find the calm in the chaos.  You see being disorganized adds to the chaotic moments.  So how do you and I get organized and stay organized to find the calm in everyday business?  I […]

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Finding the Calm in the Chaos in your Business (Part 1)


I’m not sure when I realized this but I did and now I have to write about it.  Have you ever noticed that when things in your business are running smoothly that all of a sudden chaos happens?  What is chaos?  How do you pull it together […]

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A Season Of Thankfulness In Business and Expressing It Daily!


Thanksgiving is here and you really can’t let it pass you without thinking of some form of thankfulness.  How do you find ways to be thankful for your business?  How do you find ways to be thankful for wins in you business?   How do you find ways […]

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