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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


Pinterest Followers Are Important!


I’m starting to like Pinterest. I confess it’s fun. Shh! Don’t tell anyone. Seriously though, I believe the importance in having followers will help you in the long run with marketing your business on Pinterest. The reason you need to have followers because you need that large […]

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Powerful Pins on Pinterest!


Lately, I’ve been spending time on Pinterest! I love it and truth be told I can get lost for hours in it. If your in business for yourself this is not good. So I want to share how to have a Powerful Pin without wasting time. So […]

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7 Things You Should Know When Using Pinterest For Your Business!


Many businesses are on Pinterest.  Sometimes the obvious things we should be doing are not so obvious.  I want to share 7 tips that you should know about Pinterest but we may overlook it or don’t think it’s important. 1. Separate your personal and your business account. […]

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Strangers In The Day Lurking On LinkedIn!


There are many of us who are open networkers on Linkedin!  I include myself in this group.  Lately I’m noticing some really creepy things going on.  So I thought I would address these and some things I do to prevent it.  Here are five issues that I […]

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Social Media Game Plan Execution


Ready, Set, Hike! I love football! It’s my favorite sport that I like to watch. One of the most fascinating things about football is that two teams both come to the game with a plan. The team that executes the best wins.  Like a game plan in […]

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5 Linkedin Strategies To Use In Groups!


I confess I’m a groupie! Not the kind of groupie your thinking of though. I’m not a groupie of a band or a cult but I’m a groupie in various groups on Linkedin where my ideal clients are. Many times my clients tell me that they are […]

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7 Surefire Linkedin Strategies!


     I use Linkedin for my business.  What about you?  I always tell my clients that you must have a strategy connected with the various Social Media platforms. Linkedin is no exception with having a strategy.  I have developed what I deem as important key strategic […]

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3 Linkedin Mistakes To Avoid!


If you are on Linkedin these are the mistakes you want to avoid at all costs.  I am a strong believer that you learn from your mistakes. Trust me I have made a few. Below are some mistakes that you want to avoid on Linkedin.  So if you […]

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Don’t forget these Linkedin Strategies!


I use Linkedin for my business. What about you? I always tell my clients that you must have a strategy connected with the various Social Media platforms. Linkedin is no exception with having a strategy. I have developed what I deem as important linkedin strategies that you […]

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Creating Powerful Linkedin Profiles that will Boost your Business!


Many times as a person who does social media managing and marketing to B2B, I look at other business owners Linkedin profiles. Quite frankly, some of them bore me. Last week I spent time a lot of time in the ocean mastering some fun waves with boogie […]

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