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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


Keeping It Real On Social Media!

Keeping It Real On Social Media!

Every time I go on to Facebook the friends I’m connected with are doing amazing things. I always am fascinated by the image that we portray on social media! Then last week a good friend of mine posted this post on facebook. “I promised a friend that […]

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Out of Africa (PT 2)


When I got to the conference center in Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa to teach, I never know what to expect. Will we have our usual translator? Will there be someone there to translate for us? Will we connect? Will I like her? Immediately I saw some […]

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Out Of Africa (PT 1)


Last week I took the road less traveled on. Once again I stepped out into the unknown. I went to Nairobi and did some training to women in leadership and I was wrecked. I learned how thankful I am that I had the opportunity to give back in […]

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How Social Media Can Improve Your Google Rankings


This is a guest article by Phil Frost of Main Street ROI. A few weeks ago, I was one of the marketing experts interviewed for Lorraine’s “Purposeful Social Media” event.  My interview was about How Social Media Affects Search Engine Optimization.  And actually, I was honored to […]

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Making Your Own Social Media Opportunities!


A week and a half ago I had the opportunity to take advantage of a VIP day with my Business/Life Coach, Michelle Weimer  in Colorado Springs. It was amazing.  I learned so much about me and what was important to me.  I also got really clear on […]

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The “Why” In Social Media!


In business it is so important to know why you do what you do.  I think if you know why it’s half of the battle of succeeding in business. The same with Social Media you should know why! If you are not very clear on your “why”, you have […]

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Stop, Look & Listen On Linkedin!


When I was in High School I went to all the football home games.  There was this cheerleading chant that went something like this; “Stop, look and listen we are the mighty bears”.  It was quite catchy because decades later I still remember that chant!  I love this chant […]

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Social Media Content Is King!


Lately, I have been browsing through the different posts on Facebook and twitter wondering if there was any thought at all that was put into some of the posts.   My strategy for posting, for instance, on Facebook and Twitter is not rocket science.  This is my formula:  […]

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Up Close With Linkedin!


If you have gotten to know me through only Social Media networking then you know the most important thing for me is being relational.  For me, Linkedin is about relationships.  It’s about connecting.  So Linkedin is one of the many platforms I use to build relationships and get […]

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6 Key Strategies For Using Linkedin For Your Business!


I use Linkedin for my business.  What about you?  I always tell my clients that you must have a strategy connected with the various Social Media platforms. Linkedin is no exception with having a strategy.  I have developed what I deem as important key strategies in becoming […]

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