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How to Take The Overwhelm Out Of Social Media!


Jazz up Your Videos with a Custom Thumbnail

When you go to a channel on YouTube what keeps you on the channel watching more of that channel’s videos?  The number one answer here is content.  If the content is great and valuable, I will go on a YouTube watching binge.  The number 2 answer is […]

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Why Should I Verify My YouTube Channel?


Over the past couple of years, people have been asking me a lot about YouTube.  They say to me I have created a channel and now what.  The very next question I have for them is: “Is your channel verified.  They usually say I don’t know. So […]

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How to Make Videos from your iPhone

In this video, I will share some tips how to make a great video on your iPhone.  This is less than one minute so go on and listen.

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3 Tips on Jump-starting your Video Marketing!

Last Thursday I did a video with 2 reasons why your content marketing calendar should include video. This week I would like to give you three tips for jump-starting your video marketing. I know it’s been on the back of your mind and you want to do […]

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Less Than a Minute Social Media Video Tip – Professional Videos

This week I want to challenge you on thinking about the content that you will be putting in your videos.  Enjoy it’s less than a minute!

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Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the mistakes I see over and over again on Social Media, but I wanted to address them before I go into my February series on online video marketing.  I mention a few big ones here but there are […]

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Can You Still Crush It On Facebook in 2018?

YES! By now you have all heard about the announcement of change that was made by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. (I go over these and much more in my Social Media Trends for 2018 webinar at the end of the Month) But I’m here to say don’t […]

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Important Things to Remember When Posting Content

Social Media posting

There is so much advice out there sometimes it’s hard to tell what is right. I want to share with you what I believe is important to know when posting. Here are some tips that will help you move forward with your marketing on Social Media in 2018. 1.   Not […]

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Social Media Video Tip of the Week #50

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Ideas for the New Year to Keep Your Social Media Marketing Going!

social media

Use Social Media tools to help. There are thousands and thousands of Social Media users out there. Find some tools that will help you reach out to your industry as most of the tools out there are inexpensive. I love Hootsuite, it saves me so much time.  There […]

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