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Advertising on Instagram. (Short Read)

InstagramI love the ease of advertising on Instagram. I advertise for a few of my clients and we do have success. So here are a few of my thoughts.

1.  I am a visual learner so when I see an attractive picture I’m drawn to it. So when thinking about how you’re going to advertise make sure your picture is attractive.  

2.  I’m on the Instagram app all the time so I like the fact that I can advertise right from the app. They make it so easy. If you have a business account you can hit promote right from there.  

3.  I like the way you can track the people who are seeing your ad.  

4.  I like the way you can target who you are trying to attract. Location is key. It makes so much sense to target location especially if you have local business. I also like to target gender and age, especially on Instagram. I work with adult business owners and so do most of my clients so I wouldn’t want 15-year-olds liking my ads.  

When advertising on Instagram people do like to comment, so do check your ad often. You never know that comment could lead to a client. I would love to hear from you on some of your methods that you use with advertising on Instagram.

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