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Are You Adding Value on Social Media

Social Media ShareHow do you add value to your audience on social media? I’m always asking that question.

And really it all has to do with knowing your audience first so you know what kind of content you should be sharing on social media.  I believe there are 5 essential things that should be done.  So here they are:

1.  Share what you know!

Don’t leave anything out. Don’t hold back. The more you share the more you’re noticed. The best thing is that if you don’t hold back you are probably sharing some things that will really help your audience.

2.  Share Great Pictures.

I hate blurry pictures! Try to share great pictures. Better yet share pictures with great content on them. We live in a very visual age. And I’m sure if you share a great graphic your audience will love you. Your audience will also love what you post too.

3.  Share great resource links.

While browsing the internet if you see something that might benefit your Audience share it. It doesn’t always have to your own content. I love sharing relevant articles with my audience.

4.  Share some great Videos.

All I can say is videos are in. Are you doing any? I have to confess I am slacking in this area. But I will tell you this one thing. When I do post a video I get a lot of hits to my website.  And I get a lot of comments on my video posts too.

5.  Share your stories.

People love a story, especially on social media. And story gives the opportunity for connection. So give it a shot and share a true authentic story.

So let me know what you are doing to add value to your audience on social media?  Drop me a line below.


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