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5 More Strategies To Use Right Away!

social mediaI use Social Media for my business. What about you? I always tell my clients that they must have certain strategies in place so they can be connecting and connected to the right people. Certain strategies are a must. I have developed what I deem as important key strategic components of being successful on Social media.

1.  Always create a complete profile on Social Media. This is the easiest strategy. Go on to your profile and fill it out completely. Don’t leave anything out. Check out other profiles, (especially those with a lot of connections) and see how they filled out their profiles. Also get some recommendations from colleagues and clients.

2.  Before you start connecting with people, answer these two questions about Social Media. 1. Who would I like to meet that would make a great client? 2. What will I share with them?

3.  Connect with people. Gather as many connections that you can is the object here. These can be people who know you professionally, co-workers, and former co-workers. They can be vendors. They can even be friends. Just please make sure you know these people.

4.  Post, comment and answer questions. In the different groups you belong to, post questions, comment on questions and answer questions to get yourself known. Also, start interesting discussions and see who posts and be sure to comment and respond to those who post on your discussion.

5.  Be relational. Deepen those relationships to help engage more with people. Potential clients are talking to you more and even considering doing business with you or giving your name out as a referral. If some of your connections are local, try to set up a coffee date with them. If I connect with someone local I always try to set up a coffee to chat.

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