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3 Linkedin Mistakes To Avoid!

oops_shutterstock_12448279If you are on Linkedin these are the mistakes you want to avoid at all costs. I am a strong believer that you learn from your mistakes. Trust me I have made a few. Below are some mistakes that you want to avoid on Linkedin. So if you are doing these, STOP!
1. Connect and sell – Selling a product or service as soon as you connect has been one of the biggest mistakes that some Linkedin members do. It’s like trying to kiss someone that you met for the very first time. It’s tacky and very self-serving. After you connect two things that I think are important is get to know them better by seeing how you can add value to their life. It’s so much easier to sell a product or a service by building your way up in the know, like and trust factor, so eventually they do trust you enough to buy from you.
2. Being a postaholic – Save the 5 posts a day for Twitter & Facebook. Seriously, once a day is fine as long as it’s fresh and valuable content. Some post content a few times a week on Linkedin and that seems to be working fine. Over posting will get people annoyed with you on Linkedin so be careful with this one.
3. Generic in-mails and messages – I believe that nothing kills a relationship more than one of those generic Linked emails that you get that you know they sent to every one. Ugh!!! It is so much better to personalize for engagement. In fact, one the things I always do when I’m in-mailing them is I always use their first name and how we met. A personal message unique to them and a subject matter that will help them should also be a good rule to follow. If their local, I see if they would like to grab a cup of coffee to talk about business and see how we can help each other. One thing I highly suggest is if you want to connect with someone for the first time, don’t use the default generic message to connect with others.
I hope these 3 mistakes help you. They should also give you a good idea what to do. The biggest take away is you want to create relationship on Linkedin.  I believe if you make things more personal on linkedin you will have more success in creating the business relationships you want. Drop me a line below and tell me what mistakes that you see others make that should be avoided.

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  1. Lorraine,
    These are 3 good points and some of the quickest ways to cool a current relationship or stop a budding relationship in its track.

    What do you think is the one thing everyone should do on LinkedIn? I would be interested in your ideas in that area.

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